Q). What are the monthly social events like?

A). We hold monthly potluck-style lunches, with no fee of entry. You are encouraged to bring something, but not at all required – food and drinks will always be provided. This could be a dish to share, something to grill, a frisbee, a board game, or even a cool album you’ve been listening too! Anything you’d like to share with some new and old friends.

Please keep in mind other people’s dietary needs, and be willing to let people know whether something is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, none of the above, etc.!

Q). Why is this event just for trans women?

A). Trans women don’t always have the easiest time meeting each other or feeling comfortable in large groups. Our events are an opportunity for trans women to socialize and have fun in a low pressure environment.

Q). I identify on the trans feminine spectrum, but not necessarily as a “trans lady.” I also haven’t started transitioning/don’t plan on taking hormones, etc. Can I come?

A). We’re not the gender police. If you are comfortable being included in “trans lady,” you’re welcome to come. Presentation, transition status, or “goals” need not keep any ladies from coming.

Q). I want to come, but I need a ride!

A). If you need a ride, or if you’re uncomfortable coming alone, let us know when you fill out the contact form. We’ll do our best to match you up with someone who can meet you & help you get transportation. We understand the access barriers that come with living in the Triangle!

Q). How can I help?

A). Attending our monthly social events and helping us build up our community is more than enough! However, if you have a skill you’d like to share, or if you want to build your organizing skills, please email us on our contact page – the TTLS Steering Committee will get in touch with you.

Q). What’s the history of the TTLS?

A). We started out as 8 people sitting on a park bench, back in September 2017. We were inspired by the Trans Ladies Picnic that’s held in New York City. (You might even recognize some of the above Q/A’s – they were shamelessly copied from the NYC group’s FAQ – we hope you don’t mind, New York!)

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